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Powered by $CCD token.

Treasury X Supply


Copy trading profits:
are compounded to treasury.
to Buyback and Burn $CCD tokens.


Token Price:
Market Cap:


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Key Functions

$CCD Token Purchase:
Investors can buy $CCD tokens to become holders and members and access the DAO social trading community.
DAO Funding:
The DAO receives revenue from taxes on $CCD token transactions, which is split between copy trading treasury and development treasury.
Copy Trading with Master Traders:
The DAO initiates copy trades with expert master traders to generate ROI and grow the treasury.
Dividend Payout and Compounding:
The DAO uses revenue from successful copy trades to buy back and burn CCD tokens, and reinvests a portion of the profits to compound the copy trading treasury.



Read CopyCat DAO whitepaper

2/ Buy and Hold $CCD

Hold a minimum of 100,000 $CCD tokens
Buy on Uniswap

3/ Access the DAO

Join the private Telegram DAO community
Access the CopyCat DAO dashboard

CCD Token Contract:


CopyCat DAO token $CCD


Our buyback and burn program rewards $CCD holders by using 50% of our copy trading profits to reduce the token's supply, driving up demand and boosting the value of your holdings over time.

Total Supply
Max Supply
Market Cap
Buy / Sell Tax
Supply Burned
Total $CCD tokens burnt
0 $CCD
Total $USD value burnt

Crowd Knowledge

How the DAO works?

CopyCatDAO is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) dedicated to cryptocurrency copy trading. We embrace a collaborative approach to learning and growth, working together to establish the most effective copy trading strategies. Through a Buy Back and Burn program, the DAO rewards its token holders by reinvesting profits back into $CCD token.

Analyse and research copy trading strategies.
The DAO community collaboratively analyzes and votes on the most effective traders and copy trading strategies, enabling us to handpick the finest ones.
Backtesting, analyse, monitor strategies
After the strategies have been approved through the DAO's voting process, we proceed to implement them and commence backtesting with a small portion of our treasury.
Scale strategies.
Following the monitoring and analysis of our strategies' performance, we obtain the DAO's approval and then scale up our treasury allocation to them.
Take profits, Buyback and Burn $CCD.
We compound 50% of our profits back into the treasury, while the remaining 50% goes into buyback and burn the $CCD token, having for effect to raise it's floor price and reward holders.
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Core Team and supporters

The core team of CopyCat DAO is supported by a community of professional traders, project owners, and crypto experts, who lend their expertise to provide guidance and aid in the development of the project.


- Genesis Stage

Research and Development
Build core team and first supporters & Onboard core members
Build Infrastructure, Litepaper, Website, Social Media
Prepare for CCD token sale
Build partnerships with social trading communities and master traders

+ Beta Stage

+ Trading Development


Copy Cat Dashboard

The platform offers multiple dashboards for community-driven trading strategies, selecting master traders, copy trading, and accessing real-time market data.

Community Trading Strategy Dashboard
Our Community Trading Strategy Dashboard enables members to submit and refine trading strategies. Members can vote, provide feedback, and collaborate on strategies. The dashboard is regularly updated to reflect the latest market conditions and member preferences.
Master Trader Dashboard
The objective of the Master Trader Dashboard is to provide a community-driven system for selecting master traders for copy trading, while allowing members to provide feedback and input.
Copy Trading Dashboard
The Copy Trading Dashboard will provide members with an overview of the DAO's trading activity and performance, as well as important information about the DAO's treasury and funds on exchanges.
Trader Data Aggregator Dashboard
The Trader Data Aggregator Dashboard is an easy-to-use interface for accessing real-time macro and market data. With input from the community and master traders, it offers powerful API integrations and is frequently updated to provide the latest relevant information.
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